Vishuddhi chakra – centre of collective consciousness

Please enjoy the following talk in which Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, foundre of Sahaja Yoga,  explains about the Vishuddhi chakra, which is situated in the area of the throat.  By attending a Sahaja Yoga centre near you, you can fin dout more about this and other centres.

So now the other center which we have here is very important center, called as the Vishuddhi chakra. This is the center vi-shuddha. One is shuddha means “pure” but vishuddha means “absolutely pure”. This has got sixteen petals as we have got the cervical plexus expressed in the gross which has also got sixteen sub plexuses. It tallies with medical science completely. Now this Vishuddhi chakra is bestowed upon by the deity of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna is the one which is the evolution of the Vishnu tattwa from there upward to the state of Primordial Being. He’s the one who resides as the Primordial Being, as the whole, as Akbar. When Mohammed Sahib talked of Akbar he talked of Shri Krishna. This is the finger (Shri Mataji shows both index fingers) which represents this center and he said, “Put these into your ears and say ‘Allah hu Akbar’ ” – you get in connection with the Virata.

Now what Sahaja Yoga does is to make you in contact with the whole. It makes you in contact with the whole. It’s not that it limits you but it makes you one with the whole.  But, if you take the right path, if this center is awakened your hands become connected with the Primordial Being and you become, your hands become collectively conscious. Medically they accept that the extremities have got something to do with the sympathetic nervous system. That far, not more than that.

But in Sahaja Yoga you’ll be amazed that the vibration starts flowing through your hands when you take the name of Shri Krishna. And these vibrations, when you want to find out what are these, then you’ll be amazed they’re relayed to your centers within yourself. Even if you get ten children who are realized souls and tie their eyes and ask them about a person who is sitting before them, what’s wrong with him they will say one finger or this finger or this finger or two fingers. Because you can feel the charring, you can feel sometimes a kind of a heat. Sometimes you may feel the numbness. If you feel the numbness on your fingers then you must know that the person has to die. So many things you can know, all the permutations of these seven centers and this one. One, five and six and seven. So we have seven centers.

To understand about the centers first you must get your realization, that is important. In the beginning you’ll find the vibrations are coming, going, coming, going. It is not steady. First you must steady yourself. Then you can find out, from your hands, what are the centers catching, because these vibrations are nothing but the Power of God is flowing through you. They understand, these vibrations, they co-ordinate, they are life’s force. They’re the one who create all these living things like they are the one who sprout a seed, they are the one who transform the flower into a fruit. All living work is done by these vibrations which is called as chaitanya, Aum, Ruh, cool breeze of the Holy Ghost and all-pervading power of God. That starts flowing through you, first time you feel them. Yesterday many people felt it and people were very happy that so many felt it because that’s a sign that here many people are going to get realization. You don’t have to go anybody, you just have to practice a little bit and find out. You become such an expert. One person in India who got realization has so far given realization to at least ten thousand people in a village. Many villages. He’s a very ordinary man. We wanted him to come but there was a kind of a visa problem, so he could not come. He’s a very simple farmer and he got his realization and he knows so much about Sahaja Yoga that you be amazed, he has not been to any university, to any college or anything, but he is so knowledgeable. Because once you have these vibrations they guide you. So the Spirit sitting in your heart guides you and tells you what is right and what is wrong. If you have to ask a question, “Mother, is there God?” If you ask this question immediately there will be a tremendous flow saying that it is there.

Now how to understand that these are the vibrations of God, also this question can come. We can judge them relatively. For example in one of the programs in Puna people invited me to speak in a place which was owned by Brahmins and they opposed it, they said, “She’s not a Brahmin so we will not have her here.” So they said, “All right, we will publish in the newspaper, because her name has gone in the newspaper, we’ll tell them that these people are so Brahminic that they don’t want to have her.” Of course they didn’t want to have that bad name so they said, “Let’s have her.” These people never told me what happened. Suddenly I said, those who are Brahmins, come down. So four or five came and sat before me, these are Brahmins without knowing the Brahma. So I said, put your hands before me and they just started shaking like this, going back. I said, “What’s happening to you?” They said, “Mother, you are shakti that’s why it’s happening to me, to us,” but I said “What about the others, it’s not happening to others.” So they turned round and said, “Look at these, they are also doing like this.” I said, “Ask them from where do they come.” They went and asked them, they said, “We are coming from the lunatic asylum of Thana.”

So these fanatics who believed that they were Brahmins were reacting the same way as these lunatics and they believed that they were Brahmins. They were not supposed to touch anybody. There were untouchables people and there were, the one that gave them realization was from so-called untouchable, a shoemaker. Now he’s become their guru of all these Brahmins and he’s teaching them about God. So this center gives you the power to be one with the whole. It has many powers but the main power it gives you is the power to be one with the whole and to have all the powers of that deity within you awakened so that you can become aware and make others also aware of it. Those people who talk too much catch on the right Vishuddhi. Those who do not talk at all catch on the left, those who feel guilty catch on the left. Those who think they are all right and aggressive, catch on the right, it’s like that. So this has to be understood in right perspective, that if you misuse this center what happens to you, so how you should give yourself a balance to improve that.

But the best part of Sahaja Yoga is this, that when you give them realization they’re separated from themselves. They’ll come and tell me, “Mother, my Agnya Chakra is catching.” So if you ask them, “Really?” “Yes Mother, very much.” That means they’re suffering from too much ego, but can you imagine anybody saying, “Mother, I’m suffering from too much ego.” Because you are separated from yourself you see your ego, the big balloon like thing, you say, “Mother, please remove my ego.” That is how people talk to me. They will tell me, “Mother, I talk too much. that’s why my right Vishuddhi is catching, you better cure it, I must stop my talking too much.” So you start correcting yourself because you get separated from yourself, you become the Spirit and the rest you see. Like I see my sari, if there’s a spot, I would like to clean it, I’m not identified with the spot. So that’s how it happens, you are no more identified with yourself and you start seeing the faults with you and you try to correct it. That’s how you become a beautiful person by your own attention, not by anybody else, it is you who has to do it.