Self-realisation with Shri Mataji

If you have not already experienced the awakening of the kundalini, also called Self-realisation in Sahaja Yoga, then this is your opportunity to do so online.

So actually first thing that happens to you that your thought stops when the kundalini crosses Agnya and when you feel this cool breeze you absolutely get calmed down and relaxed. Yesterday was a great experience for people. I’m sure today also it will work out the same way. You have to do exactly as I tell you which is a very simple thing, you don’t have to do anything great, just take out your shoes because this Mother Earth helps us, just take out your shoes.

Just take out your shoes, sit comfortably, if you have anything tight on your body just remove it, but keep yourself comfortable. Put your hands on your laps, one thing is you have to be comfortable so that during the process you don’t feel any uncomfortable feeling, so please just put both the hands towards me first of all, just hands like this. Now you have to close your eyes. Please don’t open your eyes because if you open your eyes the kundalini won’t cross the Agnya Chakra, so please don’t open your eyes till I tell you. Is nothing is going to happen, there’s nothing to have any fear, everything is going to be all right, but I must warn some people have a habit of showing off and they start going into a funny contortions and that’s not needed at all, here. It is something that happens inside, antar yoga. Nothing happens outside, it happens inside so you be sensible and wise. Take your realization is the best thing you can do to yourself and to anybody else.

So put both the hands towards me and just close your eyes. Just close your eyes, all of you should close your eyes, even if you have spectacles you can remove because it also improves your eyesight, so remove your spectacles. Sit very comfortably, don’t worry about others, just now you have to think about yourself. Now left hand as he said is the power of desire so put it left hand on your lap towards me, that is not to be removed. Only use your right hand to raise your kundalini on different chakras on the left hand side throughout. So we put our right hand on the heart with full confidence. Now, as I’ve said, you have to have confidence. On the heart – if there’s anything in your pocket you’d better take out and if it’s a coat or anything put it inside – put it on your heart, press it a little bit and say with full confidence, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Feel no hesitation in saying that you are the Spirit, you are not the body, mind and this ego. You are the Spirit.

Close your eyes, all of you, keep your eyes shut, even if they’re not shutting press them a little, they’ll shut down. They must relax. Don’t say mechanically, with full confidence I said. Please say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Now put down this hand on the left-hand side, on the left-hand side of your stomach. Now this is very good for you because the principle of guru resides in the stomach area.

So you put your right hand on the stomach on the left-hand side and press it a little bit with your fingers, fingertips. At this point you have to say ten times, “Mother, I am my own guru” again with great confidence and understanding and respect for yourself, with all your self esteem, “Mother, I am my own guru.” Please put your left hand straight towards me, both the legs should be straight on the ground, little apart from each other. Now you raise your right hand now upward again to your heart position, put it on your heart again and now twelve times you have to say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.”
Now put the same hand on the left hand side of your neck, right hand on the left hand side of your neck on the left Vishuddhi as we call it, at this point sixteen times you have to say, “Mother I am not guilty” because you have been feeling guilty for nothing at all. Sixteen times, there are sixteen sub plexuses, you have to say sixteen times with full confidence, “Mother I am not guilty.”

Now raise this right hand onto your forehead, after saying sixteen times. At this point you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone” because you know this is the center of Christ and Lord Jesus Christ has given us a prayer which is the mantra which is the chanting of this center is, so you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone” because if we do not forgive others, God is not going to forgive us. Without feeling guilty you have to say, “God forgive us because we forgive all those who have done harm to us.”
Without feeling guilty again I’m saying, without feeling guilty, with all confidence. The guilt is too much in you people. What is the guilt for, you see, what are you guilty of, as I’ve said yesterday God is the ocean of love, ocean of forgiveness, ocean of compassion. Trust Him. Not to feel guilty and say that, “Mother I forgive everyone.” Now put this hand on top of your head, on top of your head where it’s a fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood and try to press it. You’ll find a little heat coming out. Now raise the hand little higher, about four inches and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out. If not, change the hand, put your right hand towards me and left hand on top of your head, otherwise also you can do it. Again, change over, again and again, and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out. At this point you have to ask for your realization, I cannot cross your freedom, so you have to say, “Mother, I want my realization, Mother I want my realization, please give me my realization” anything like that.

Now you may open your eyes and put your hands like this, just like this. All of you put your hands and ask a question in your heart, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, is this the Brahma Shakti, is this the all-pervading power of God?” The breeze you are feeling is not the breeze from any air conditioner or anything, is the breeze. Now put down your hands and see for yourself. Again I’ll tell you how to raise your own kundalini, please follow me. This will take about two minutes more but it will help you to establish yourself. We have left hand in front of the kundalini like this and you have to move the right hand up, forward, lower, backward, like that, you have to move. Now, start it off. Keep your eyes open, start moving your kundalini. Just see how I’m doing it.

Now, take it up on your head, take it up on your head, stretch your hands up there and give it a twist. A nice twist and give a knot to your kundalini, because your hands are now powerful, you are working through your hands. Now again start it. Do it again. But do it properly, you should do it this way as I’m saying it to you. Not the other way round. Now take your hand up there, give it a twist, again and give it one knot. For the third time you have to give three knots because of three powers. Let’s do it again please. Do it with full understanding that your hands are powerful, there is power flowing through your hands. Only thing that you want – that it should be established. Now one, two, three. Now see in your hands, how do you feel? All right. Those who came for the last two days definitely are feeling. Even people who came yesterday might be feeling, most of them. Those who have come for the first time may not be but doesn’t matter, it is going to work out.