The fragrance of Laxshmi

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga talk, in which Shri Mataji talks about the prinicple of the Nabhi chakra which has the quality of peacefulness, generosity and satisfaction. Through Sahaja Yoga meditation it is possible to establish these qualities within oneself.

Now this Gruhalaxshmi’s centre is on the left-hand side, and the another is Raja Laxshmi centre is on the right-hand side. Now this center gives us the power to rule over people and we become very, in extremes you see we can become very arrogant and we can become very very, sort of authoritative and we might, sort of end up with a funeral with ten thousand people behind us, all bought from market and put there behind you without any feelings, that’s all finished. With such a man finished they’ll say, oh thank God he died, he was a horrible terror for us. So, that kind of a life can come with Raja Laxshmi. But in the center is the Laxshmi. Laxshmi is the goddess, is the power within us, by which we balance, lead a very balanced life, by which we are satisfied. Now they have made a beautiful picture of this Laxshmi also one should understand this power is a lady, is a mother and she stands on a lotus. Now these are all symbols which suggest that, these symbols are carved out with such deep significance. She stands on a lotus. Means imagine, who can stand on a lotus? And she’s a very healthy woman, very healthy woman and she stands on a lotus. It means that, that she is never putting pressure on anyone.

A rich man comes in, he must honk his car, loudly, because he’s rich so he thinks he must honk it higher, and a rich man must go in a big limousine or some sort of a thing to show off that he’s very rich. If he comes to any program, or any he must sit in front, he should have the front seat, and he makes him known everywhere everybody must feel the weight of the rich man. He can run away with ten wives, of somebody and, he can have a big boat for himself, and he can get any number of women there and he can spoil any families he likes because he’s rich. This kind of thing comes in in people but Laxshmi the one who has, stands on the lotus, is the beauty and the glory of the riches, that God has given that person.
Then, it has got two red, pink flowers in the hand, that are lotus flowers again. Now the lotus is regarded as a very holy flower in India, because it is so receptive to everything that is crude and funny. First of all it is born in the mud. Just think of it, in the mud, in the filth, where the horrible smell is coming out, the lotus is born. And the one lotus gives the fragrance, the beautiful fragrance to the whole atmosphere, and kills all that’s filth and everything, and covers the whole pond with its big big leaves so that it looks a beautiful pond. That’s what is the lotus for. But this lotus is a pink lotus, means pink, you know is the sign of love. Pink is the sign of love. So such a person has to have tremendous love and that softness of the lotus.

Now the inside of the lotus is very soft and nice and , I don’t know what do you call that, the bee, the black bee, a very big one which has got horrible, no, the black bee, it’s like that, which has got angular legs and things like that, horrible, you cannot touch it. That one, can find its place in the lotus. When it goes to the lotus, the lotus opens its petals and takes it inside and makes it, sleep on the corona that it has, very soft one on the bed, and covers it nicely and gives it a nice, you see, swinging feeling, that it feels it is in the lap of the mother and it sleeps off. Even such a animal, it gives a place to live. Now the man who is a laxshmipati, the one who is blessed with Laxshmi, has to have a temperament like that. Anybody who comes to his house, anyone, should be very readily accepted. I’ve seen people like that, I’ve seen in my lifetime, should be accepted and they should be very gratified to have such people in the house and should feel that oh God, what a blessing it is that we have a guest in the house. But in modern times, we find out devices and methods, how to avoid guests, guests are equal to pests.

I was in London, we were living on Surrey Hills and we had bungalows, separate bungalows, quite good bungalows I should say, there were seven bungalows. And poor husbands were taken to tasks for mowing the lawns and everything and the wife used to tell them now come along do it properly and the polishing of the, brass whatever was there and everything was done very well. But I didn’t see even a rat enter those houses, even a rat, I mean leave alone human beings. Nothing entered those houses, only these two persons used to come out and go in. And I don’t know they might be having some yearly, some sort of a get-together, maybe. But nobody, while my house was naturally, I am like this, so it was open all the time, people would come in and go out and this and that and I was just enjoying their company. And one day they asked me, what’s the matter in your house, all the time people are coming and going and used to wonder what is it going on inside. I said nothing, just they come, have tea and go, that’s all, just some talk together, some rapport of love.

But what is this, all the doors are closed, that way I must say Sydney people are very open hearted, and they are, they like to be together, there is a togetherness in them. But with all this, if you cannot have togetherness, to enjoy your wealth with others, then what’s the use of all the wealth. If you have wealth, you’ll go for horse-racing, that’s also your own enjoyment. If you have wealth you will do something else which is so individualistic. You cannot enjoy your wealth unless and until you share it. As I told you the other day that I am, a capitalist in the sense I have all the powers within myself. But, I cannot live without sharing it, so I am the greatest communist, because I just cannot enjoy, that’s why I had to come all the way to Australia and today my husband was so insistent that I should come back soon, I said: ‘No, I have to meet all the Australians still, and then I’ll come.’ So unless and until you share this love after realization, you do not enjoy. All isms drop out, because you become combination of both extremes, and you just start enjoying yourself.

Now this lotus is in the hand and another hand that the goddess has is like this. She has four hands, and one hand like this. Now this hand that is like this means, you see with this we must give, we must give, we must be generous. Miserly people cannot be the blessed ones, they cannot be. Miserly rich is the horridest thing that you could think of. Mean, if you see a miserly person, I mean, I don’t know, I get a headache with a man like that, you see, who goes on counting each and every pi and measuring everything, you see miserly horrible things and ultimately when they die, their children take out all their money and just spend it over.