Your Spirit is to be achieved in this life

This is what my father told me, that you have to find out an en masse method, method by which you give realization to many people so that they see that there is something beyond. They are all standing on the first floor. If you are gone on the tenth floor and you tell them something that you see on the tenth floor, they’re not going to believe you, they will fight with you, they’ll quarrel with you, they’ll pull you down because their ego is challenged all the time. So best thing is to transform them, give them en masse realization. That is what is the Spirit is that every one of you have got Spirit, but it was very difficult in those days to give en masse realization, the blossom time had not come. Today the blossom time has come. And the wind that blows the cool wind gives realization to so many of them. Thousands of people have got realization, you also many of you have got your realization. So this Spirit is established, you feel you are something different now. The transformation has started, the baptism has been done in the actual sense. And you started feeling it’s moving, you feel the cool breeze. Now, when you take to your collective being, you become one with others also. You try to give. Now you are taking from me. When I go you stand here and give. When the the lamp is not enlightened, then, alright, try to enlighten it. After the enlightenment what does the light do, is to give the light. Spirit gives you your meaning.

Spirit gives you your understanding of the truth that is reality. Not unreal things. Me you cannot understand if you are not realized. You cannot. I am just like you. There is no difference. But those who are realized know about me very well. Even living in [unclear] a saint who met one of the Sahaja Yoginis, she was American, and he just bowed to her and made her sit higher than him and said, you have met Mother, I haven’t yet met her. And she was surprised that how did he know all these things. There are so many saints in India who are real saints, who know about me. But those who are very close to me also, because you know my husband is highly placed in life, and we are friends of the very elite and very…. I have seen all the best – the prime ministers of the world I have met and I’ve met all sorts of kings and queens and this and that, and every day I am shaking hands with them. They don’t know me. They don’t recognize me.

Now the emphasis that you have to be your Spirit, is very much reduced in the modern society. The emphasis should be that your Spirit is to be achieved in this life time. This is what one has to do, is the only thing one has to do, that is not there in the Western society. Secondly, for this you have to control your attention, don’t allow your attention to spill out. I hope I told you the story of Janaka. Did I tell them, I don’t know. But I’ll again repeat. Like there was Raja Janaka, the father of Sita, father-in-law of Rama. And Narada went to him, another celestial being, he went to see him and he said, “How is it, you are a king, you move about like a king, you have everything like a king, you have gold and everything and how is it people say that you are a [unclear], meaning you are above all this, above your body? How is it?” He said, “All right, I will tell you in the evening, but just now you do me a job. You carry some milk in this pot.” The pot had no rim also. So poor fellow was carrying that. The whole day he was carrying, he got tired. He said, “Don’t allow even a drop to spill out.” He was looking at it all the time. In the evening he got tired, he put it there and said, “Now will you tell me, I’ve had enough of this.” He said, “What did you see when you were moving about with it?” He said, “Nothing, what could I see? I was just watching this milk that it should not spill out.” He said, “In the same way I am at that stage where my attention does not spill out.”

That is the state where you are achieving your Self-realization, where the attention is completely enlightened by your Spirit. It doesn’t envelope anything like that and even if it goes round it comes back as it is. My hand when it touches it doesn’t become this metal, does it? It comes out. It’s absolutely detached from this. I can touch it but I am not that. Just now I am matter, I am everything, I am worried about my children, my house, this thing, but when I become realized I get completely detached. I am a spiritual living being.

Then nothing can keep you down. Nothing can dominate you, and you do not dominate anything. That is the state of the Spirit. When that happens you become beyond dharma (sustenance). You are beyond it. For example there is no temptation for such a person. There’s no temptation. There is no mental activity either. There is no stealing, nothing, lies. Such a person is extremely honest and fearless, like Christ. He had nothing to do with the prostitute. I mean she was a different style, He was a different style. But when people started stoning the prostitute He stood up before them and asked, “Who are the ones who have not committed the sin,” they could have stoned her. But his honesty and strength stopped it. They will stand by all those who are tortured and troubled by people who are oppressed. They are not afraid of anything. They are fearless people. Neither they frighten anyone. They are compassionate. But when it comes to protesting they stand up fearlessly against those who try to torture and ruin others. There is no oppression. Even I cannot force you to get realization. I cannot argue it out. It has to work out. It is as simple as that. If you do not want it, you can never get it. Out of question.
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, Public Program, Sydney, Australia, 3 April 1981