Understanding the Kundalini

Today again we are back together and I bow to you all who are the seekers of truth. Yesterday it was the introduction of Sahaja Yoga in which I explained to you what is the truth. A gentleman yesterday raised three, four questions regarding Kundalini. As I told you that the knowledge of this Kundalini is the knowledge of the roots on which we sustain ourselves. The whole instrument is called as tree of life in the Bible. Actually Christ didn’t have sufficient time to explain many things because he was crucified so prematurely. We only know four years of his life where he spoke to people, where his disciples, whatever they could gather, have written in their own opinions. So now whatever I tell you about Kundalini, I say is the knowledge of the roots we know about the shoot. In the West specially we know about the shoot and nothing about the roots.

This knowledge has been a secret knowledge for thousands of years till it came in the sixth century the Adi Shankaracharya, who was a very great realized soul, who came on this earth, he started talking about it. About 14,000 years back since then we can see there were poets who wrote about Kundalini like Markandeya. But it is in the poetry form and was only available to very few people who were capable of coming to the situation of Self-realization.

About 8,000 years back, Raja Janaka, who was the father-in-law of Shri Rama, was the first one, where we see clearly that one disciple called Nachikita who went to him for Self-realization. But Janaka told him, you can ask for anything else, but not for Self-realization. So we can understand very few people got realization in those days. Viditama, who was a disciple of Buddha went to Japan and started Zen system of religion. “Zen” means meditation. But it is written that there were only 26 kashapas up to the eighth century. Kashapas are the realized souls. So in the sixth century Adi Shankaracharya talked about it. In the Bible there is a mention that I will appear before you like tongues of flames. Bible is a sacred book, but is also very secretive. The knowledge of Bible is extremely symbolic and unless and until you are a realized soul you cannot understand it. So this Kundalini resided here in the triangular bones of [inaudible] called sacrum. This bone is called “sacrum” by the Greeks. And they know a lot about the Primordial Mother and her manifestations into three aspects. I asked them, “When did you discover all these things, was that when Alexander came to India?” So they said “No, it was discovered much, much before that, when there was Indo-Arian report between our country and India.”

When you travel, you are sometimes amazed the way people knew about Kundalini and so many things, how did they know in those days when this knowledge was so secretive. That shows from the unconscious. The knowledge about Kundalini has been coming into the human awareness. Moreover some people took to a kind of a meditation by which they were thrown outside their body. Which is a very dangerous thing to do, of course. By which they could go around the chakras and see the colors of the chakras and could describe them. But when you are inside them you don’t see it. When you are outside the building, you can see it, but when you are inside, you don’t see it. So this outside movement is not the one which we are going to think of. Just now somebody has told you about the two sides that we have, the left and the right. And I told you yesterday that when we try to put in any effort to know God, we move either to the left or to the right. If you move to the left, you enter into collective sub-conscious area ultimately. In Sanskrit language it is called as Adi Devi, Adi Bautik.

All that is built within us since our birth is recorded it that area, is, lives in that area. Whatever has been dead since our birth since our birth from the very beginning from the creation. Recently I saw a very good film by some BBC doctors, with the doctors who said that the cancer is caused by certain type of proteins which are called as protein 58, protein 52, and these proteins enter into our body, into our being from the areas which is built since our creation. I have in my work of kundalini for so many years now have discovered that most of the cancer patients – I haven’t met one who is not – have the problem of the left side. Left-sided are the people who follow wrong paths of meditation, wrong gurus, fake gurus and subserve them, become their slaves. Because these gurus use some dead spirits to mesmerize people.

As I told you yesterday, the right side also could be there, like Hitler was the most right-sided person who used another style of spirits, who could excite the violence in people. But it is not only the gurus, it can be anything that has to do with the dead. Like we can say ESP, parapsychology, all those things which we do not know about, clairvoyance. These things are not known to the psychologists or to your doctors. So, it so happens that they say that they cannot cure these diseases and they call them incurable diseases. All the mental problems plus incurable diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, all of them come with this left side movement in a human being.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, 2nd Public Program, Vienna, Austria, 27 September 1982