The centre of creativity and pure knowledge

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga meditation talk in which Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi describes the function of  the Swadisthana chakra, the centre of creativity and pure knowledge.  This talk took place at a public program in Los Angeles on the 26 September 1983.

Now as the kundalini rises she enlightens your second center which we can call as the Swadishthan Chakra for the time being, though it is the third center. But second center, you become extremely creative, extremely creative. I know of a gentleman who came to me, he had no job.

And he said, “Mother, I have no job and what should I do?”

I said, “All right, what do you want to do?”

He said, “Whatever you say.”

I said, “All right, why don’t you become an interior decorator?”

He said, “Me? I don’t know what is a teak wood, I don’t know what is a rose wood, how am I to become an interior decorator?”

I said, “You just use your vibrations.”

And you’ll be surprised he earned million of rupees out of that profession because you become extremely creative, your sense of creation becomes so subtle and so beautiful that you start understanding art at such a high level that people don’t know how, when you are not educated in art, how you can do it. I went to Japan once, and they were having an Ikebana competition or something, so I went to see the Ikebana class and they requested me, “Why don’t you do some flower arrangements?”

I said, “All right, I’ll do.”

I did it and I got the highest marks without knowing a word about Ikebana, just surprise me, I got the highest mark. I can do lots of things which I’ve never done before like architecture. I have built houses without doing any architecture, I’ve done decorations of the houses, I’ve done all kinds of things without knowing how to it, because you become you so creative.  (skip unhighlighted text and continue below)
Music you start understanding so much better. There are people now in America, there’s a girl, she had a horrible hoarse voice, absolutely hoarse voice, and she always used to go out of tune.

So I told her, “You shouldn’t sing songs before me because it’s rather funny.”

She said, “Mother, why don’t You give me a good voice?”

I said, “You just try your Vishuddhi Chakra, if your Vishuddhi Chakra is corrected you’ll be all right.”

[Shri Mataji speaks aside: Why don’t you sit down.]

So the Vishuddhi Chakra was … she tried on Vishuddhi Chakra giving vibrations, and she sings so melodiously now that I tell you she can be a great singer.

So the creativity, that also is a blessing of your power of the Goddess of learning. Boys who could not study in the schools were absolutely duffers. Some people brought this boy, recently I’ve received a letter from him.

When he came to me, his father said that “He is going to be taken out of school because he’s good for nothing, he can not remember anything, he’s absolutely finished.”

I said, “All right, doesn’t matter, let him take to Sahaja Yoga.”
He got his realization. Not only that he passed with first class, but he got a scholarship. Then he passed another exam, he got a scholarship. Now he’s got a very big job, at a very young age. He wrote to me, “Mother no one can believe that a duffer like me has been so much highly placed.” All the boys who got scholarships in Maharashtra in schools, in colleges and universities are Sahaja Yogis.

It is such a tremendous force that starts working in you, if you try to give vibrations say to fruits or to trees or to say wheat and such things which are very important for life, any food, you will be amazed that the food also grows so much more and the taste is so good and it lasts you so longer. Like one gentleman tried, a university professor in agricultural college on some wheat, some vibrations and he was amazed that when they collected this wheat it was at least six times more than normal, and when this wheat was stored in a big hall like this, there were so many other things, the rats who are always a menace in India never touched that wheat. They ate all the rest of it but never touched the wheat.
Even the animals – the snails, even the tigers, of course the dogs and the cats – understand it much more, they understand you, they know that you are a saint. They’ll never touch you, they will never trouble you. Even a tiger sees a saint, he never attacks. You can handle a tiger very easily; this is the power of a saint. So you develop a tremendous capacity of creativity. The greatest capacity you have then is of creating a new human being out of a ordinary human being. This is the greatest blessing that you have, that you transform an egg into a bird and that is the epitome, that is the spiritual power you have, by which you can transform the whole human race into a new race which has this fifth dimension within yourself.

You can start talking on science now, we have a scientist here and he’s a done his science, he is a Doctor of Science in this and that, in chemistry and I explained to him about this – where is the hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and all that within us and he was amazed.

He said, “Mother, how do you know all these things?”
I said, “I don’t know how I know, but I know. That’s what it is, you just have a look at this.”
And he was amazed how I was telling him about spiral movement and linear movement of peptose.
He said that “For this I had to study so much.”
I said, “For Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to study.” A little bit you know and immediately you click the point. Now this is the second thing that you know in your learnings, in your education you are all right, but the mastery of this center comes, the mastery of this center comes when you know the pure knowledge, the pure knowledge of handling the kundalini, the pure knowledge of Spirit, the pure knowledge of the blessings of God, of Ritambhara Pragya. If you know that, that is the highest that you achieve gradually as you grow, because when these centers starts expanding on the sides, you start expanding in your personality, in your sensitivity and in your evolutionary ascent, so that is how you start growing from one to another to another to another.