Right and Left Heart energy centres

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga meditation talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi about the left and right Heart chakras.  These centres are very important for establishing one’s security.  You can find out how by attending a Sahaja Yoga meditation centre near you.

Now we have on the right hand side of this is another part of the center which we call as right heart. This center is the father’s center and the left heart is the mother’s center. So if your fatherhood is challenged in any way or also husband wise we can say that. If the husband is not loyal to his wife and is playing tricks with her, he gets this into trouble. But physically he feels it very much because he gets asthma. Asthma one develops, but this is more the center of the father. If the fatherhood of the person is not all right.

For example if a girl has lost her father and she has never seen him she might develop asthma. If the grandfather had asthma the child might develop asthma. It comes from the father’s side. Anybody who has asthma problems should know that there is something wrong in the fatherhood side. Maybe the father is sick and you are worried, maybe you are a good father, but the son is not all right so you are suffering, anything like that, you see could be responsible for this asthma. But if the deity here is awakened you can be all right and you can get rid of your asthma, quite all right. On the left hand side is the center of your mother. If the mother has died very early such a person is a nervous person and such a person also doesn’t trust anyone. He can become secretive by nature, sulking type. He may not open his heart to anyone because he doesn’t trust anyone.

Some people who have no mother whom they have not known may become extremely cautious by nature because they think they have to look after themselves, extremely cautious. But with Sahaja Yoga you can awaken this center and you become a complete personality, without any fear, without any nervousness and without any malice to your parents. Actually after Sahaja Yoga, I have found, many people who have just forgotten their parents, have been very angry with their parents, given them up, would not forgive them, went back to their parents. We had a French girl in England who had not seen her mother for eighteen years and the mother was alone, a widow lady, but after realization, she has a tremendous feeling. She went back and looked after her mother and also started doing Sahaja Yoga there.

It’s a very, very common thing that you start expanding your heart to others. You start loving other people, you start understanding them. I know of a man in America, I gave him realization and he said, most surprising, “I went to the race this time. I said this would be the last time I go to a race and there I find my uncle and I wished him, and he was amazed, he looked, started looking at me, because I had not wished him all these years at all. He just started, he was quite amazed at my attitude. And now he has become a great friend of mine.” So the friendship which is a pure friendship, is not homosexual and all nonsense, but a pure friendship based on pure relationship develops. And then you don’t feel insecure. In a society where even a mother’s love is challenged one would feel extremely insecure in a thing like that. If a mother has to love the child she has to think, “I hope there is no bad feeling in my mind.” In America it happened. There was a little boy of eight years, just a little boy of eight years and his mother said that he has started taking lot of drugs and things and these drugs have created a problem for this little boy of eight years, can you imagine?

So I couldn’t bear it, I just took the boy to my heart and I kissed him, he said, “Mother, this is never done to me by my mother.” So I asked the lady, “Why didn’t you do this to your child? He’s only eight years of age, doesn’t he love your care, and your expression of your love?” So she said, “Mother I feel guilty.” I said, “How?” “Freud has said…” Freud was a perverted useless fellow. He died of cancer, look at his life. These psychologists when they come in contact with other people who are suffering from pathological troubles, they are pathological cases, and when they deal with pathological cases, they don’t know how to protect them. Jung has said about it. Then they catch those diseases among themselves and they start generalizing this for everyone. They have generalized. It’s an absurd thing. In Rome there was a girl who came to me – she said, “Ah psychologists, horrid, horrid, horrid.” I said, “What happened?” “They’re telling me I have bad eyes towards my father. I felt like beating them.” Is all absurd things, you see to create – this is antichrist, to create a feeling of enmity, that everything is perverted, polluted. It’s so pure.

In India nobody can understand this. Thank God these Freud and all these people just touched the periphery of India and it’s like an elephant. So nobody is there and nobody believes it. So I have to tell you this that there is no such thing as polluted relationship or bad relationship. Is all pure relationships. We must understand we are not animals. Even animals have got sense, so do you think we won’t have the sense of purity within us and holiness within us? So all these ideas also drop out completely and you develop a personality. You live with others. In the ashram now we have many girls, boys, they’re all are like brothers and sisters. There is no problem on that.