The Yin and Yang of Sahaja Yoga

I will show you how the center is made. Now this is the center and we have a right and left, right and left movement of the right and left sympathetic nervous system, this is the center. The center is formed by the left side and right side circle of the fingers as you can see clearly. Now when a person asserts too much movement onto the right or to the left, this just gets dislocated. Now when it has dislocated, this center loses its power because its deities or its inspiring force dies out. And the cells which are looked after by this center become on their own, they become on their own. Because the relationship with the whole is lost. So they start growing out of proportion to other cells. So then we say that these cells are malignant, because they can just grow like a nose will grow too big to cover the whole face and no other cell can grow under their overpowering. This is one of the examples. Now the other diseases that can be called by left side behavior are the diseases of the mind, but mind is a very vague thing in the Western language.

To make it clear, let us see that the left side, the movement of the left side that is emotional movement, emotional behavior, too much emotional inclination causes the left side to move or activate too much. Any emittance that comes in from the left side reacts violently on the left sympathetic nervous system. Now, when that happens, the left side movement starts, the surprising thing is that when we work it through our heart, because emotions come from our heart, our brain quits. That shows that there is a balance attached in the whole system that if you work too much with the heart, then your brain fails. And the right-sided person is a person who works for the future, the one who plans for the future, the one who uses his body for the activating of the desire. When this activity takes place, physical or mental, then another thing is developed in our head as a by-product, is the ego. Left side the super-ego is developed and the right side the ego is developed, but they cross over. By the time you are twelve years of age, these things get completely covered and the fontanel bone area becomes a calcified bone. That’s where you develop your ideas; you become Mr. X, Mr. Y. I would say that’s how you become the egg.

Now those people who are right-sided, who are very futuristic can become in their old age, they get a loss of memory gradually because they live in the future not in the past. Such people are very ego-oriented and they try to dominate others, they are very dominating and they dominate others. These people when they work through their physical or for mental efforts, they think they are doing everything. This is a very big myth. A human being cannot transform one flower into fruit. Whatever work he does, is the dead work. If a tree is broken or dead, you use it for your furniture or for a building, you think, “Oh I’ve done a great job.” Even in the science you work with the dead. Living force has not been harnessed by human beings as yet. Even when they have a tube baby, they have to take a living ova and thing, otherwise they cannot make a tube baby. But these formations of different dead things like from say, from a wood to the chair, makes you slaves of the matter. Once you get used to the chair, you can’t sit on the ground. You have to carry your chair on your head everywhere you go. That is how the matter all the time tries to suppress your spirit and to overcome it.

Through science we have been able to do this quite a lot to achieve many things for our comfort. Also we have been able to achieve a sort of a mastery we think over matter. But actually the matter has become the master. We can’t live without petrol, we can’t live without electricity, we can’t live without ordinary things of life which we get out of this material advancement. And today what we find, after all this search we have been doing, we have created atom bombs and horrible things just to destroy us. This ego is so subtle that we cannot feel it. If it is super-ego you get pains, troubles and you feel sick and you go mad. But ego you don’t feel, you trouble others you don’t trouble yourself. Now this ego gives you problems also physical.

The first problem comes in when you start thinking too much for the future. The future doesn’t exist actually, it’s a myth. But when you start planning about the future, a big strain comes on the second center called as Swadisthana within us. This center Swadisthana manifest outside in the gross, the aortic plexus. The main job of this Swadisthana chakra is to convert the fats of the stomach for the use of the brain, which is working very hard. But is has many other things to be done: it works out the liver, it works out the spleen, the pancreas, and kidneys and also the uterus. So now when you start giving it job just to transform this fat for your brain, all the others are handicapped. So such people develop liver troubles or they develop diseases like leukemia. Or they can develop a problem of the pancreas which can be like diabetes or can have blood pressures from the kidneys and also for the women they cannot produce children or they become dry and they don’t want to produce children. The right-sided people are like dry sticks, you have to be careful when you go near them, they are very hot-tempered and they think no end of themselves. But they have another check; when they think too much with their brain, their heart fails. Because they are thinking too much about their physical body, the Spirit gets angry, and it disappears, which is in the heart.

All heart troubles come to people who are right-sided and never to the left-sided people. We have a doctor with us here who is a doctor as well as a psychologist and he told me that they have got a machine to take a cardiograph of the patients, but not one patient in the lunatic asylum ever got heart problems. Their hearts are as sound as ever till they die. This is the check of the nature. So now we have seen so many diseases caused by the left side or the right side extreme movement of human beings.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, 2nd Public Program, Vienna, Austria, 27 September 1982