What is your purpose

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, which took place on the 5th July 1998 at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

I’ve seen people who know also Sanskrit very well. They are running here organizations, but they don’t know anything about kundalini, it’s very surprising. What do they read, I don’t know. And if you go to them, they’ll argue so much with you that you feel like running away from them. Only they know how to argue. No argument needed actually, it is there, within you, this power is. Do you argue with your stomach how to digest the food? And even if you do, will the stomach understand? It’s as stupid as that, to argue about something which is so spontaneous, which is a living process – it’s a living process of your evolution.

Now, by the way, how did we become human beings? Do we know? And how do we become a super human being? If there is a way, there’s a method, you don’t have to spend anything. But you have to grow. If you don’t grow, it’s useless, as Christ has described, just as some seeds fell onto the land which was not fertile. Is it so? Are we living in a land which is not fertile for spirituality or we are running after some things which are illusive? Why should we run after illusive things? Here, you get the experience, all right, after that you must grow. If you grow, you can change this world – it’s a global movement.

Like in Russia, I would say, there are millions, millions in Russia. While in India, too, we have may be millions. And also Austria – so many countries have got it – Italy, imagine. Their people have awakened, so why not in England? And the leaders of England are rather upset with the English. They think this… “It doesn’t work out, Mother.” I can’t understand. Because this is the seventh time I’m here, and seventh heavens you have to know, that you can know without any difficulties, without paying anything, the whole knowledge is free! Is it because it is free you don’t care? They’ve asked me to talk about it. Otherwise it’s not worth talking about these things. Your country as such is like really the heart and it circulates all over the world. All your newspapers – they may be useless – but they circulate. All your media – whatever they may publish – it circulates all over the world. You don’t know about Americans, though it’s supposed to be a very great country. We don’t know about any other country so much as we know about England. How? Why? Monarchy in so many places, but we know everything about monarchy from England. Why? How? How do we manage? Is worth asking this question: there’s something special about this country. I lived here for years, I’ve worked hard, I went from North to South, East to West.

Perhaps, I left no city which I did not visit. But the situation is such that when they get realization, they are very happy, they start jumping, and after that they forget about it. It’s a great responsibility on people of UK that they can do so much in spirituality. Not…it’s not something also so cheap that it can be sold, it’s invaluable. It’s invaluable. It’s your right to get it. And also it’s your sensibility that you should grow into it. For example, in England, when I first came, I had to deal with the drug addicts, they were the first who came. Perhaps, they were seeking in drugs the Truth. When they came, overnight they gave up their drugs – overnight – even alcohol – people gave up overnight, overnight. Believe me, they are here now, I know they are sitting here.

Now, this is the minimum, and so many people got cured. I really wanted that something should be written about the miracles of Sahaja Yoga. So I told one gentleman, Englishman he is, he wrote to me “Mother, it’s not even one month, from both the sides, all the letters have gone up over my head. I don’t know how to select. So, can you give me some time? Myself, I have no time at all. You can select yourself.”

With all this, why don’t you experiment and why don’t you grow? You are very important, this is what you don’t understand: that you have been born in this country or you have come to this country – whatever it is – it is a very important, significant place and a life of yours. But you should understand that it’s very important and that you should grow. But it is beyond me to understand that in a place like Austria, in a place like Italy, how is it, they have understood it and they’re automatically working it out? I, you know, I have crossed my 75 years of age and I don’t know how long I will have to live to face the English people and how will they understand! Sometimes, it’s beyond me.

But now you will know that it is a science and the scientists have said that they have seen the cosmic energy emitted out of my head. That’s a fact that Sahaja Yogis know. Sahaja Yogis know, they have felt it, they have got this experience. For them, it’s nothing new – not through science – but they have known it as an experience.

Now for you… You are also very well-educated people, everywhere, you are respected very much, it is for you now to evaluate your own personality and understand: Why are you on this earth? What is the purpose? So many of you got realization last time, but you are nowhere, you’ve done nothing… I mean, you’ve got your realization, all right. Each person can give realization to thousands of people if he gets out of his own, I should say, own ideas. And this can do such a lot of good to the whole world. Formerly, in America it was terrible, because all kinds of funny people went there, to make money. So, they told me “If you don’t ask for money, Mother, in America nobody will come. They have to pay for it, otherwise they don’t value it.” I said “But, sorry, you cannot, how much, you tell me how much should I charge. How much do you charge for your mother’s love? Then you tell me how much you charge and then we can work it out.” And it was surprising that it hit their heads. Now it’s better. Same thing, I have to request that, please, find out, when you have this experience of kundalini awakening that you are a chosen person for a special work.

For example now, this instrument, if it is not connected to the mains, what is the identification, what is the purpose? That’s why then people become hippies, they become this, then punks – because they have no identification. But the identification is only one: that you are the Spirit, that’s the Truth. And it has to happen to you, that you are the Spirit, you have the power of the Spirit. In the light of the Spirit you start seeing, start seeing and understanding so well about all the problems that are in the whole world and your own problems also. It’s not only Self knowledge but also global knowledge of a very subtle nature. And that is all is within you, all this horizon is there waiting for you to greet it. But I don’t know why people have no confidence or no understanding. Anything can be done, but first of all you must have the pure desire to become that. Forget about everything else. For example, this power of, which resides in the triangular bone. This bone is called as Sacrum, means the Greeks also knew that this is a sacred bone. This power is of pure desire. And if you have the pure desire you can become so dynamically aware of yourself and aware of everything.