The thousand petalled lotus, the Sahasrara chakra

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga talk about the Sahasrara chakra, the thousand petalled lotus.

Today is the last day and the last center which is the Sahasrara, is the integration, integration of your being, of physical, mental, emotional being, it takes place. Is integration of all the deities, of all the prophets, all the great works that they have done, integration of all the scriptures, everything takes places when this Sahasrara is opened out, when you become the Spirit.

This is a much more difficult job, I know, because if you don’t have to transform people it is very easy to talk about it and get away. But I have to transform, not only transform but you have to become, you cannot become a Sahaja Yogi by paying me, by saying things, by arguing, by showing up, you can only become Sahaja Yogi by going within yourself, face up to it, see for yourself. I am here to help you in every way possible. Whatever is possible we’ll try to do it, but you all should also understand your respsonsibility.

It is not a joke now, it’s no more a joke. It’s not like Sunday morning you get up and go to church, or Monday morning you go somewhere else in the temple, and Tuesday morning you go to see Siddhivinayaka [Ed. Temple of Shri Ganesha ] and another day you go to a mosque. It is not like that. It is a very serious thing which we must understand. We are at the brink of destruction, be careful about it. We must do things so that the blessings of God comes to upon us and that we are saved. It is a very serious thing, and the responsibility is much more on all the people who are getting realization, so do not treat it lightly. You all, I hope, will take it seriously.
Thank God there is a nice seminar we are having after this for three days, you can come down there, they have charged you very little, we don’t have to make any profit of out you, the only profit I can make is that you get your profits, that’s all. So please take it up seriously, work it out seriously, and I tell you, out of you will come out those people who will build that foundations of that construction which is going to come. Please don’t waste your time in useless things, get to it.

Any one of you can do it. I bless you with my whole heart and know that I love you very much. If you have any problems, you can write to me, but don’t write to me about your family problems and this and that, it’s a headache to me, there is no need to write. Of course I’m a mother, if you have problems you can write but some people write ten pages saying, “my wife is fighting me.” It’s bit too much. You should write to me about the problems which concern the whole country, concern the whole world. Widen yourself and that’s how, though you may think that you are very unassuming simple people, you are the ones who are going to be, not those who are successful, they are blinded by their success; not those who are rich, they are not going to enter into the Kingdom of God; not those who have a big name, no. It’s you, you are going to enter into the Kingdom of God.

May God bless you.