The centre of innocence

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga meditation talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in which she talks about the qualities of the root chakra.

But as kundalini rises, on every center you start getting the light of that center. At the first center you get back your innocence, your eyes become innocent, your behavior becomes innocent, you are not filled with lust and greed, you don’t look at things with lust and greed, but you look at things with innocence, which is a very big thing that people have lost and that you get back and such a person develops many qualities. One of them is that such a person is full of fragrance, such a person has a tremendous gravity, tremendous gravity, and such a person has tremendous dynamism, and attraction is a bad word so I don’t want to use it, but magnetical.

His magnets is awakened within him, this is the center of your magnet of the earth. Such a person develops a tremendous sense of roots and sense of direction, you place him anywhere he will know where to go. Like birds, you place birds anywhere they know which side is north, south, east, west. In the same way you also develop your lost innocence and your magnet within you by which you have proper direction; but the highest of all you develop the proper direction to wisdom which is the wise thing to do. You just don’t do stupid things, you just don’t do, even if you ever try to do it, you will not do it, because you know it is so stupid, just you don’t do it. I mean it is so simple to be wise than to be stupid, because if you have to be stupid you have to go out of the way to be stupid and idiotic; but if you want to be normal and wise is the easiest thing to do. But what people do is to do things that would make them more and more stupid, nonsensical, because also some people told me they do it, the reason being they think they have a nuisance value.

Like in London now we have one funny stuff going on, they call it what? “Punk rock.” You see, it’s a funny stuff. Now poor kids they don’t know what they are doing it, and I think the only value of that punk rock system is this: that they try to sort of make a nuisance out of them so that people feel attracted towards them or sort of a significance out of them. But when you become a realized soul you realize your significance, because you understand you are part and parcel of the whole and that your significance is to give realization to others, the highest of highest, that’s what you have to do now you are a saint, and that’s how the whole attitude of cheapiness, of outward shallowness finishes and you become a serene, dignified personality. This is not possible through any sermon, any lecture, it’s only possible when the kundalini rises you become like a very dignified child, very dignified child.

I’ve seen one beautiful painting done of Mother Mary being taught first time. You see her as a child, she is a very dignified personality, as a child, she is about ten years of age. I’ve seen my own grandchildren who are not very old but extremely dignified. They walk like kings, behave like kings. In every behavior you find there’s such a dignity, they’ll never do something shallow, they never ask for anything, they never weep for anything, they never cry for anything, they are so dignified and they understand it so well what is dignity is. I don’t have to tell them, because they are born realized, in the same way you become, nobody has to tell you that “do this, or do that,” but you understand that you must have self-respect. This happens to you automatically, this is actualization, nobody has to tell you that “you be dignified,” you just become. I’ve seen people who were absolutely absurd, even from this punk rock we got some people and they were so changed that people could not recognize them, but one thing bad has happened with this punk rock that they put some sort of dye in their head and since then their eyes became very weak, because these dyes I think made the optic globe covered with some sort of a color and you can’t see properly, and the eyes became very weak and it took some time for us to remove the effect of those dyes from their head.

We go headlong, “what’s wrong?” There is nothing wrong in this world if it is a stupid fool, but for a wise man there are very many things which are absolutely wrong, and there are very many things which are absolutely correct, so you develop your wisdom by this first center.